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Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1:
What is the most dangerous of the pressure shocks that ShockGuard guard against.
The most dynamic shock is from the percussion that occurs at the end of a flow reversal.

Question 2:
Because the instant when "back flow" stops and all the the energy from mass decel- eration is generated is INSTANTANEOUS. There is absolutely ZERO time in which energy can be cushioned. This is completely unlike water hammer form fast valve closure - no valve can be closed INTANTANEOUSLY.

Question 3:
Why do you say SURGE in relation to pump start-up, but then SHOCK when a valve closes.
The implication of "SURGE" is that pressure rises more slowly, than SHOCK and WATER HAMMER.

Question 4:
How can i see this difference between SURGE and WATER HAMMER.
On an oscillograph a SURGE will have a rounded top to the pressure over time wave form, whereas a WATER HAMMER will have a pointed or SPIKE shape.

Question 5:
Does the difference in pressure wave shape matter to me - the man in the street.

Yes, generally - "SHARP POINTED" things can damage your pipe welds, seals, gaskets, instruments etc more than gently rounded things. In the case of SURGE there is normally time for a relief valve or overload "rupture disk" to respond. With a hammering the time of a pressure spike, is often called "TRANSIENT" which implies that there is NOT ENOUGH TIME for any known type of PRESSURE SAFETY VALVE ( a "PSV" ) to respond.


Remote Oil Wells
Oil field collector system pipe runs made safe from hammer and surge.

Multiple Fluids Handling
Have your ShockGuard Ltd. analyst model the fluid dynamics to ensure that pressure transients will not make your on and offloading procedures dangerous.

Safe Hydrocarbons, Exploration, and Production
Whether shallow or deep sea exploration rigs or production platforms with work over, piping integrity is assured by partnering with ShockGuard Ltd.

Protecting Pipe Over-Pressurization From Liquid Expansion
Chemical storage facilities are made safe against extreme over-pressurization due to direct sunlight heating fluids that are locked in to the pipe system network.

Chemical Secondary Containment Sealing
Compatibilities with exotic pipe metals and PTFE sealing systems to guarantee shake and leak-free liquids pumping.

Marine Supply Terminal Pipes
High velocity on and offloading jettys to tank farms require fast acting emergency systems -- prevent these from causing dangerous shocks and hammering.

Protecting the Environment from Toxic Spills
Trunk pipelines perform safely for the environment when protected by shock and water hammer preventers and surge attenuators.

Refinery and Process Piping Systems
Stopping pipe fatigue fracture handling pyroforic and carcinogenic fluids makes a secure environment.


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