The Pipeline Shock Prevention People
Pump Start-up surge, Valve closure shock, Pump shutdown back flow bang.
Large vessels for high pressures with matching bladders, diaphragms, gas bags, and bellows, for over a third of a century.

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Fluid Flow Control Animations
Fluid Flow Control Animations

JumboFlex, SurgeGuard, Floatolator, LiquiBello

Products are manufactured under a quality system, previously: ISO 9001:1994 [DNV Nbr. 95-LON-QA-458 (15105)]. And jointly: ASME "U" Cert 29,289 5 Nov '96 through 5 Nov '99, and through 5 Nov '02 [Kemper/BVQI - QSC 97028/50591 1997/98]. Now via LDi UK - RSA to ISO 9001:2000 valid through 6 October 2007. When you require products assembled under the auspices of that third party they will come via that UK source.

Modular vessel construction enables shorter lead times and lower cost.


Vessel body for the Liquibello, Floatolator, and SurgeGuard
Bellows shut-down support
Liquibello closure dimensional drawing from shockguard

ANSI B16.5 flange standard, or DIN "DN-PN"


Fletwipers reduce churning of absorbed gas in the small anular ring gap

Flange / Check
ANSI B16.5 flange standard, or DIN "DN-PN"

Anchored at both ends. May be installed horizontally
*see below
Elastomer Bladder

Perforated Cone
FLANG FACE to ANSI B16.5 standard, or DIN "DN-PN"


Elastomer Bladder
FLANGED FACE to ANSI B16.5 flange standard, or DIN "DN-PN"
Flanged Face

Anti-extrusion Plate

Click on the shock alleviators for detailed dimensional drawing

Please Specify your preferred mounting method

ShockGuard products are standard up to the Following sizes: - Max

* SurgeGuard
for horizontal installation
surgeguard can have a horizontal connection

Multi-port flow-through

Liquibello multiport flow thorugh mounting method
Max Volume
Pre-Fill Pressure
LiquiBello -
100 Liters / 25 Gals.
50Bar / 700 psi
JumboFlex -
1,000 Liters / 265 Gals.
140 Bar - 2000 psi
* SurgeGuard - 2,000 Liters / 500 Gals.
15 Bar - 220 psi
Floatolator - Not limited
Not limited


Shock Alleviators
Water Hammer and Pipeline Surge / Shock Alleviators
STOP Pump start up surge, Valve closure shock, and Shut down back flow water hammer.
call toll free 1-888-326-7377, UK Europe -- 44(0)161-480-9625
or Contact ShockGuard Shock Alleviators.

Understanding Pipeline Surge / Shock Alleviators
Shock alleviators and shock accumulators do not alleviate shock, nor do surge alleviators and surge accumulators alleviate surge. SurgeGuard, JumboFlex, and Floatolator all work in the same way. They provide a soft place, so that the pump does not have to instantly accelerate all the liquid in the pipe system when it starts. Similarly, they provide a place into which flow can continue, for a time, against increasing resistance, when a a valve has been slammed. In both cases, because time has been increased, peak pressure generation is decreased. In short, they all prevent the peak pressure from being generated. / Shock Alleviators

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