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Pump Start-up surge, Valve closure shock, Pump shutdown back flow bang.
Large vessels for high pressures with matching bladders, diaphragms, gas bags, and bellows, for over a third of a century.

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Fluid Flow Control Animations
Fluid Flow Control Animations

In addition to pipeline shock solutions, we also provide:


Where block valves shut a volume in a pipe that may be subject to temperature change and where a relief valve piped back to source is not safe or practical, Flexorber or Liquibello volume compensators are used.
The LIQUIBELLO Metal Bellows Replaceable bellows capsule.
FLEXORBER LP with PTFE Diaphragm from FLEXFLON or virgin Teflon (El DuPont)

LiquiBello and Flexorber LP alleviators with a centrifugal, schematic       LiquiBello low pressure flexorber

The LiquiBello
For extreme temperature service, where liquid is not compatible with elastomer or plastomer


Air / N2

LiquiBello photos and dimensional drawings
LiquiBello pressure compensator photo
LiquiBello photos and dimensional drawings
  LiquiBello photos and dimensional drawings LiquiBello photos and dimensional drawings
1. "dV" ration The volumetric expansion of the liquid over application temperature range: (This figure is found from the difference in SG Specific gravity at the lowest temp, to SG at the highest temp)
Example: Liquid has a density of 1.013 at 5 Degrees C. and density 0.98 at 150 Deg, C. The valve for volumetric expansion is 1.013 minus 0.98 - 0.033 (3.3%)
EXAMPLE: 0.033
2. "V" The volume of liquid locked in between the clock valves. *
1,637 Cu.Meters
3. Pressure max "Pm". Generally less than the max pipe design pressure.
70 Bar
4. "dP" Maximum allowable level of pressure change to be applied.
35 Bar
level of pressure charge equation
pressure change equation example
The equation has assumed an isothermal pressure change for the suction gas compression or expansion which is of course absolutely incorrect. However the pipeline itself expands and contracts with temperature hereby accommodating some of the expansion or contraction volume. This is being used here as an offset, to save having to make an adiabatic calculation - to simplify the example for you.

An accurate calculation can be made with the gas laws: gas law P1T1Ti equation where n=0.3
The coefficient of expansion for the pipe material will of course then also have to be used to reduce the volume selected, because of the volume change due to pipe expansion or contraction.
LDi - analytical and modeling services and software Visit LIQUID DYNAMICS Intl. Ltd. LDi offers analytical and modeling services. They predict these and similar problems, before pipe systems are built. ShockGuard is a licensed run time user of the LDi Ltd. software, ShockView. ShockView enables us to quickly and accurately run your proposed piping system, in our computers and you what the maximum level of pump start up surge, or shutdown shock will be. Centrifugal pump shock and surge frequency waves


Shock Alleviators
Water Hammer and Pipeline Surge / Shock Alleviators
STOP Pump start up surge, Valve closure shock, and Shut down back flow water hammer.
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or Contact ShockGuard Shock Alleviators.

Understanding Pipeline Surge / Shock Alleviators
Shock alleviators and shock accumulators do not alleviate shock, nor do surge alleviators and surge accumulators alleviate surge. SurgeGuard, JumboFlex, and Floatolator all work in the same way. They provide a soft place, so that the pump does not have to instantly accelerate all the liquid in the pipe system when it starts. Similarly, they provide a place into which flow can continue, for a time, against increasing resistance, when a a valve has been slammed. In both cases, because time has been increased, peak pressure generation is decreased. In short, they all prevent the peak pressure from being generated. / Shock Alleviators

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